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Match your Microsoft PowerPoint® slides to the resolution of the rental lcd projector. Presentations look best when the slide size is the same as the projector's native resolution. Microsoft PowerPoint defaults to a resolution of 720 by 540. To change it to 1,024 by 768, go to File: Page Setup and enter 14.22 and 10.66 inches for the width and height of on-screen slides. (For 800 by 600, enter 11.11 and 8.33 inches for the width and height.) Ignore the warning about exceeding your printer's margins. If you can't determine for certain what kind of projector you'll be using, you'll probably be OK using 1,024 by 768, which most projectors support.
Data Projector Rental Chennai

Data Projector Rental

Hiring a data projector to add to your laptop or PC is an easy way of turning your sales or technical presentation into an event. Portable data projector hire easily allows presentations to be made to a far larger audience with a minimum effort. Each projector rental is accompanied by suitable cabling and is supplied in a ruggedised case to ensure the projector gets to you in one piece and can easily be transported.
If renting a projector then you should also consider hire of a matching projector screen. If a projector screen or suitable wall is not available at your venue then this is an essential. Perhaps not quite so portable as our rental projectors, this nonetheless ensures a professional data presentation every time.

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